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In economics, a commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural product bought and sold, such as grains, gold, coffee, beef, oil, cooper, and natural gas. More recently, the definition has expanded to include financial products, such as foreign currencies and indexes. Technological advances have also led to new types of commodities exchanged in the marketplace including cell phone minutes and bandwidth.

Not surprisingly, these commodities actively bought, sold, and traded every minute within an underground economy largely unrecorded and untaxed by government. In today’s interconnected world, traders of these commodities often conduct their business activities on the Dark Web, or a non-attributable part of the World Wide Web wherein users and website operators remain anonymous and untraceable. Within these dark marketplaces, the range of commodities (also known as Dark,Commodities) extend beyond traditional, tangible goods to include nefarious services, malicious and pirated software, personal identities, counterfeit products, and intellectual property.

Trending a Dark Commodity through the Dark.Exchange analytic platform can provide added levels of awareness for security analysts, affording a degree of regularity and predictability. The ability to discern these trends can have a substantial impact for cyber security professionals, law enforcement agencies, and national security. For example, by trending Dark Commodities associated with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit card information (DXCCI) and social security numbers (DXSSN), analysts may detect a massive breach well before traditional sensors as a sudden decrease in price may suggest a market saturation (e.g. low demand) for those items. Similarly, an observed spike in traditional commodities such as copper may afford law enforcement sufficient time to increase patrols in construction sites, scrap yards, etc. where high concentrations of those elements reside.

In short, a Dark.Commodity is an item or service being bought, sold, and traded within the Dark Markets. Using intelligent algorithms and propriety ticker schema, the Dark Exchange analytics platform empowers users with the ability to track, trend, and research Dark Commodities, create alerts, and monitor the performance of portfolios including identity theft, cyber security, intellectual property, counterfeit goods, and much more.

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The Dark.Exchange, along with its Dark.Commodity analytics platform, has brought a global standard for Dark Web Market indexing.

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