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Consumers of cyberthreat intelligence often seek to answer three pivotal questions–Have I been compromised in the past? Am I currently compromised? Or, am I about to be compromised? When it comes to data, there is definitely no shortage of vendors in the marketplace. Whether large or small, automated or managed, the one constant factor shared amongst many threat intelligence providers is the inherent challenge in determining how to get the right information, to the right decision-maker, in the right way.

Where others tended to focus on technical indicators, signatures, or people, the Dark.Exchange team wanted to trek a different path. Driven by the question, “Instead of following the malware to get to the bad guys, what if we chased the money?,” we set out to create an anticipatory means of detection which was non-evasive, non-attributable, and easily consumable. Since the purpose of intelligence is to help consumers make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions in a timely manner, we knew the output had to be something familiar–building up what the user may have already learned through personal experiences.

Enter the Dark.Exchange, a real time dark market index offering news, data, analysis, and video about Dark.Commodity activities and trends. With the same design features and analytical capability seen in traditional finance and investment software, the Dark.Exchange uses a proprietary ticker framework that allows users to track, research, and set alerts for items actively bought, sold, and traded within the underground economy. Example Dark Commodities include credit card information, social security numbers, malware, Crimeware-as-a-service (CaaS), and hacking-as-a-service (HaaS), as well as counterfeit goods and services, and pirated software. Users are able to create their own Dark Commodities to anticipate threats against their own human capital, supply chain, infrastructure, brand, and intellectual property. As in traditional commodity markets, the price of these dark commodities are subject to the laws of supply and demand, and therefore, offer insights into activity trends within the underground economy.

The Dark.Exchange is intended for both private and public sectors and within commercial, federal, and law enforcement spaces. For example, in addition to detecting cyber-based threats, the Dark.Exchange may be used by law enforcement to anticipate shifts in crime patterns and allocate resources to emerging real-word criminal activities. The Dark.Exchange is currently available for strategic placements with a commercial service under development.

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The Dark.Exchange, along with its Dark.Commodity analytics platform, has brought a global standard for Dark Web Market indexing.

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