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The worlds first real time dark market index

Founded upon our Dark.Commodity artificial intelligence platform, we are bringing a global standard for monitoring performance of products and services being bought, sold, and traded throughout the dark web, black market, and underground economy.

Criminals go to great lengths in concealing their identities and tactics. However, one area they are completely clear, is the price of their goods and services.

To anticipate their next move, don’t chase their past indicators and signatures… simply follow their money.

  • Identify breaches of data
  • Protect against piracy and counterfeiting
  • Anticipate attacks and threats

Advanced UI/UX

By framing the complexity of dark market activity within the context of something familiar, such as stocks, we optimize comprehension and usability.

  • Market-leading
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Tailored Intelligence

Track one or many Dark Commodities and build portfolios to achieve greater depth, understanding, and insight into a particular industry.

  • Dark.Commodity Monitoring
  • Build Portfolios
  • Register New Dark.Commodity
  • Real-time News and Statistics

Enhance Current Feeds

Easily integrate Dark.Commodity news, data, analysis, and video into your existing threat intelligence platform to for greater insight and predictability.

  • RESTful API
  • Integrate with SIEM and TIPs
  • Integrate with Threat Intell Feeds
  • Untapped Research Potential

Easy Pricing

Live stream the Dark.Exchange market dashboard in your SOC or display the live Dark.Commodity ticker on your website for free. Subscribe for more.

  • Free Live Dashboard
  • Free WordPress Widget
  • API Subscriptions
  • Dashboard Subscriptions
Set Up Alerts To Receive Performance, Price, and News Alerts Based On Your Dark.Commodity

It's coming, Dark.Exchange on the Go!

The Dark.Exchange app (available soon on iPhone and Android) is our flagship Dark.Commodity news app. It gives users access to actionable dark market news, performance information, and dark market data. The app keeps its users up to date with breaking news alerts that are pushed through even when the app is closed.

Compromised AMEX Credit Cards (DXAMEX) 22.01 (+1.33)          US Passport (DXPSPT) 800.35 (+25.11)          Ransomware (DXRMWR) 42.75 (-8.07)          Social Security Number (DXPSPT) 101.89 (+12.11)