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Predictive analytics have the power to proactively help businesses identify security threats before they can do any damage. Instead of only focusing on the “infection stage” of an attack, enterprises can detect future incidents and maximize prevention. 

While signature-based security solutions are still vitally important for protection, we’re now moving into the realm of advanced cybersecurity – finally matching the levels of increasingly sophisticated hackers.  This opens the doors for true security for the first time in cyber history.

When combined with Dark.Exchange dark market insights, predictive analytics have an additional data point to quantify when monitoring network activity and reporting real-time data. This enables an enterprise to identify threats without needing to know the attack’s exact signature – thereby filling the current gap in coverage that is powerless against the modern point-and-click exploits with unique attack signatures. 

By coupling machine-learning with predictive analytics, we allow cybersecurity to shed its current cumbersome blacklist strategy and detect impending threats with confidence. Signature-free security allows businesses to finally keep up with aggressive and tech-savvy hackers. Cyber threats of the future call for cybersecurity of the future.

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The Dark.Exchange is a gateway to products and services being bought, sold, and traded on the black market, underground economy, and dark markets. It allows you to identify trends and indicator of compromise.

Compromised AMEX Credit Cards (DXAMEX) 22.01 (+1.33)          US Passport (DXPSPT) 800.35 (+25.11)          Ransomware (DXRMWR) 42.75 (-8.07)          Social Security Number (DXPSPT) 101.89 (+12.11)