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Real-time Dark.Commodity analysis is a useful tool that allows cyber security professionals to use current dark market pricing data to anticipate certain threat activity before it occurs. These anticipations are drawn from previous chart patterns, probabilities of certain Dark.Commodity performance, and Dark.Exchange‘s Intelligence Engines’ previous experience. By observing the price index of a specific Dark Commodity, the real time analysis can eliminate false breach predictions as well as identify active areas of significance such as recent, undiscovered breaches of personally identifiable information (PII).

Dark.Commodity analysis is often referred to as some sort of black magic used to time the underground economy. However, what many outside of the Dark.Exchange do not realize is that its’ Anticipation Engine does not try to predict the future. Instead, it creates strategies that have a high probability of succeeding situations where a trend or Dark.Commodity market movement can be anticipated. Intelligent Breach Identification with Dark.Commodity Anticipation via real-time Dark.Commodity analysis allows cyber security professionals to anticipate certain threat activity before it occurs.

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The Dark.Exchange, along with its Dark.Commodity analytics platform, has brought a global standard for Dark Web Market indexing.

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