About Us

The worlds first real time dark market index platform

A bit about us

Although ambitious, our overall goal is quite simple: Bring a global standard for monitoring dark.commodities being bought, sold, or traded throughout the worlds underground economy.

We want to offer this to the world because we believe:

  • A global standard will spawn a whole new market, field of research, and influence the way in which we look at cyber threats
  • Our design is based on what our customers need to improve their situation— to make things better and easier
  • Predictive analytics is the future of cyber security
Compromised AMEX Credit Cards (DXAMEX) 22.01 (+1.33)          US Passport (DXPSPT) 800.35 (+25.11)          Ransomware (DXRMWR) 42.75 (-8.07)          Social Security Number (DXPSPT) 101.89 (+12.11)