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Although ambitious, our overall goal is quite simple: Develop a modern ticker symbol schema to bring a global standard for monitoring commodities being bought, sold, or traded throughout the worlds underground economy.

Why? Monitoring Dark.Commodities enables us to anticipate, predict, and defend against real-world threats.

What is the Dark.Exchange?

The worlds first real time dark market price index

The Dark.Exchange is a gateway to real time pricing data of products and services being bought, sold, and traded on the black market, underground economy, and in dark markets. It allows you to identify trends, indicators of compromise, and other emerging threats.

What a is Dark.Commodity?

In short, a Dark.Commodity is a good or service that is actively being bought, sold, or traded in the underground economy, dark web, or within dark markets. As in traditional markets, these Dark.Commodities are assigned a unique Dark.Ticker symbol used to uniquely identify performance of a particular Dark.Commodity throughout the dark web.  

  • Ransomware variants and sophisticated tools
  • Exposed credit cards, bank accounts, and cryptocurrency
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods
  • Hacking-as-a-service and other malicious services
  • Forged official documents
  • Intellectual property and sensitive information

Our Dark.Ticker schema was designed to easily integrate with leading threat intelligence platforms for maximum scalability.

Cyber Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning cultivates the telemetry that fuels the Dark.Exchange engine. 

Our algorithms safeguard against dark market manipulation witnessed in traditional trading and cryptocurrency markets.

Create a portfolio of Dark.Commodities and monitor performance changes just like traditional NYSE, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, and SSE. 

Dark Market News, Whenever.

Pick a Dark.Commodity or create a portfolio and get alerts on new trends 24/7.

The Dark.Exchange app (available soon on iPhone and Android) is our flagship Dark.Commodity news app. It gives users access to actionable dark market news, performance information, and dark market data. The app keeps its users up to date with breaking news alerts that are pushed through even when the app is closed.

How To Access the Dark.Exchange

Purchase API

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The Dark.Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) provides programmatic access to Dark.commodity content and evidence based statistics.

  • Straightforward RESTful design
  • Search and lookup operations
  • Encrypted API calls using HTTPS

Access our Free Web-based Dashboard or WordPress Plugin

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Display real-time Dark.Commodity prices, news, and updates on your website, for free! Simply install, register, and configure the WordPress Plugin.

Display and project real-time dark market index

Add Dark.Ticker to your WordPress CMS

Incorporate dark market scroller into your live podcasts

Dark.Exchange Stats

Global Underground Economy


The Dark.Exchange is a gateway to products and services being bought, sold, and traded on the black market, underground economy, and dark markets. It allows you to identify trends and indicator of compromise.


Many Dark Web Markets are used for illegal activities, like buying and selling drugs, weapons, confidential documents and illegal services. While you may not be in the market for any of these items, it’s important to understand how the Dark Web and its black markets work so that you can better protect yourself and your organization.

Compromised AMEX Credit Cards (DXAMEX) 22.01 (+1.33)          US Passport (DXPSPT) 800.35 (+25.11)          Ransomware (DXRMWR) 42.75 (-8.07)          Social Security Number (DXPSPT) 101.89 (+12.11)